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Residential Roof Installation & Maintenance

Roof Inspection

You should have a roof inspection done at least twice a year and after every storm or severe weather event.

Roof Inspection

A Guide to Roof Inspection

One of the best ways to ensure a long life for the roof of a residential building, while also minimizing damage to the interior of the structure is to conduct both regular and event-based inspections. Here is a checklist that can ensure thorough surveys that define and address potential problems at their earliest stages.
    • Check previous repairs – Some roofs have spots that are more prone to repairs than others, so be sure that your inspections include an assessment of these higher maintenance areas to make sure that previous repairs are holding up.
    • Look for loose, broken, or missing materials – From the day they are installed, roofs start the aging process, meaning that materials may loosen or go missing without being subjected to extreme weather events. Additionally, loose materials in one area may be the precursor for the breakdown of the same materials other areas, which may call for a closer look at the total area of the roof.
    • Check the attic for signs of leaks – If the structure has a lowered ceiling or an attic, look for any evidence of leaks including water stains on acoustic tiles and/or a scent of mildew. Pay particular attention to any structures that penetrate the roof’s deck such as vents and ducts as these areas tend to be more susceptible to leaks.
    • Inspect the flashing on the roof – Look for visible signs of distress on flashing to make sure that seals are intact. Vents that fit loosely inside their flashing would also indicate the potential for leaks.
    • Inspect gutters and downspouts for clogs – While a visual inspection of open gutters will likely suffice, enclosed drainage components such as downspouts may require the pouring of water into them to ascertain that they are clear.
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