Roof Leak Repair

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Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaking is water infiltrating into the exterior building envelope of buildings, usually through a weather barrier that is designed to prevent water drops from passing through, but allow water vapour through.

Roof Leak Repair

A Guide to Roof Leak Repair

There are dozens of possible areas where your roof could be leaking, but most of them fall within some very common causes of roof leaks.
Finding the source of a leaking roof can be tricky. It’s not uncommon for roof leaks to start high and for water to travel down rafters or drywall before dripping through the ceiling or running down a wall.

Here are some things to look for

    • Water stains or damp spots on your ceiling
    • Moist drywall or paint around light fixtures or electrical outlets
    • Damp spots around interior air vents or fireplaces
    • Interior paint bubbling or peeling during hard rains
    • Dripping sounds inside your home
    • Water stains on rafters or on roof sheathing inside your attic
    • A musty house smell (especially in your attic)
    • Curling or buckling shingles on your roof
    • Loose shingles laying in your yard
    • Loose or exposed nails on your roof
    • Cracked or damaged flashing around roof vents
    • Loose flashing or cracked sealants around your chimney
    • Roof rot with discolored or excessively degraded shingles
    • Peeling paint or rotten areas under roof eaves
    • Clogged or loose gutters & downspouts
    • Debris piles in roof valleys or above chimney
    • Shingle granules in your gutters
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