Roof Repair

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Residential Roof Installation & Maintenance

Roof Repair

Whether you need to simply repair a roof or completely replace varies from roof to roof, depending on various factors such as your roof’s age and whether it has any prior damage.

Roof Repair

A Guide to Roof Repairs

Evaluate Your Options and Priorities in Advance

When shopping around for a roof repair company or private contractor, there are a wide range of different choices and options available. Depending on your own personal preferences and the factors involved in your project, contractors’ estimates tend to vary. Important factors to consider during your research for a roof repair company include:

    • Your roof’s slope and size.
    • Your roof’s material and accessories, including: asphalt, metal, clay tile, PVC, rubber, spray foam, slate, or traditional wood shingles.
    • Your roof’s underlayment, which keeps wind-driven rain penetrating beneath shingles and causing damage to the roof structure or your home.
    • Ventilation vents to prevent moisture and heat build-up in your home. Condensation can lead to the formation of mold and ice dams, while trapped heat beneath the roof can cause shingles to crack and deteriorate more rapidly.
    • Existing roofing.
    • Labor and installation.
    • Project complexity.
Generally speaking, most prices for residential roofing repairs range from $200 to $900. However, for roofs that are severely damaged or are being replaced completely, labor costs for removing old roofing can raise this price.

What to Look for in a Roof Repair Company

Following an initial evaluation of your roof, a roof repair company will be able to make an estimate of the project and offer you a bid for the price of the project. The ideal contractor’s estimate will include the material, labor, and time costs. Even the most detailed bids shouldn’t be considered without at least comparing a few different offers first.

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